I'm Cody.

Based in, well, all around the U.S. (digital nomad life, woo!), I help companies grow their organic search traffic through SEO-driven content — and increase signups, demo requests, or whatever inbound growth metrics matter most to their business.

SEO Content
That Converts

My process drives conversions — not just website visits. While increasing your organic search traffic is one of my goals, I want to make sure we’re targeting the keywords that will ultimately lead to more conversions on your website.

And this is exactly what I help SaaS companies to do — having worked with recognizable names in SaaS, like Instapage, Zapier, Nutshell, Cloudzero, and more.

I handle the whole content creation process, start to finish — from keyword research to content strategy, creation, publishing, on-page SEO, and everything else that will help you rank highly in Google.

If you’re a SaaS brand that needs help creating this type of SEO-focused content that will drive quarter-over-quarter traffic growth — and ultimately turn into more demo requests or signups on your website — let’s talk.

How I Scaled Organic Traffic By Over 27x

Content isn’t dead. When done right (with consistency and the right keyword targeting strategy), you can drive quarter-over-quarter growth.

In fact, using this exact strategy, I was able to help CloudZero, a B2B SaaS company, grow its organic search traffic by over 27x — and increased demo requests by 1,000%.

Here’s how I did it.

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